Five Reasons Why Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Five Reasons Why Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

January 1, 2022

Are you bothered by an excruciating toothache resulting in throbbing pain, making the situation unbearable for you? Is the toothache also leaving you with a headache? You probably have deep decay inside a tooth that you left untreated, and perhaps it is time for you to have the tooth extracted.

Tooth extractions among adults are standard for many reasons. If your toothache results from your third molar, you need to undergo wisdom teeth removal by contacting your dentist in North York, ON. The sooner you get this particular tooth removed from your mouth, the better your dental and overall health. Wisdom teeth are problematic and, if left in the mouth, can cause various issues like tooth decay, gum disease, et cetera. Therefore if you experience toothache from a wisdom tooth, get it removed by scheduling an appointment with your dentist, who may recommend that you see an oral surgeon for the procedure.

Suppose your toothache emanates from your premolars or other teeth. You might have a minor problem because the tooth extraction procedure leaves you with a permanent gap in your smile unless you decide to seek replacement solutions for the missing teeth. Thankfully you don’t have to replace the wisdom teeth lost because it isn’t going to affect your dental or overall health.

What Exactly Are Tooth Extractions?

tooth extractions in North York, Toronto, ON, are tooth removal procedures from the socket without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The tooth extraction procedure is either simple or surgical. The North York dentist performs simple extractions on visible teeth and requires about 45 minutes to complete the process. However, if you have an impacted tooth line below your gum line, you need a surgical extraction which the dentist performs after giving you adequate anesthesia.

Tooth extractions currently are unlike the procedure depicted in movies or the print media where a dentist comes at you with a hammer and chisel to remove teeth. On the contrary, dentists use sophisticated digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras for tooth extraction in North York. Therefore, if your visit to the dentist brings you the dreaded news that you must have no more teeth extracted, rest assured the dentist is recommending the procedure to benefit your oral health.

Five Reasons Compelling Dentists Recommend Tooth Extractions

Dentists recommend tooth extractions as a last resort after they have exhausted all the means to preserve your tooth. In some cases, dentists can keep teeth by performing treatments like filling or providing endodontic therapy. However, if no other alternatives are available to save your tooth, the dentist recommends tooth extraction for your benefit. Given below are the top five reasons that make tooth extractions necessary.

  1. Severe Tooth Decay

Suppose you ignore your dentist’s recommendations to get dental fillings when they detect cavities, you encourage the bacteria in your mouth to create additional damage until they reach the soft center of the tooth, the dental pulp. Ignoring treatments for dental pulp infections with root canals helps the bacteria spread to the neighboring teeth and even your bloodstream to create complicated health issues. Nevertheless, you receive a recommendation for endodontic treatment to preserve the tooth. Unfortunately, if the infection has spread deep into your tooth and jawbone, tooth extraction is the only remedy left to safeguard your dental health.

  1. Impacted Third Molars

Your third molars often receive the first recommendations for removal because they are in the posterior region of your mouth and, in most cases, are impacted to remain below the gum line. Wisdom tooth extractions require a surgical procedure to remove the tooth by cutting open your gums and even sectioning the tooth in pieces for extracting it.

  1. Loose Teeth from Periodontal Disease

Improper dental hygiene allowing plaque buildup on your teeth and below the gum line results in gingivitis which, if left untreated, progresses to periodontal disease. You can develop loose teeth from this condition because of the lack of support your teeth have from the gums. In such cases, dentists recommend tooth extractions as a remedy if you don’t have sufficient gum tissue to hold the tooth.

  1. Overcrowding

Overcrowding among teenagers is standard, particularly if they need to undergo orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth. Overcrowding impacts your mouth and smile, making it essential for you to have a couple of teeth removed.

  1. Fractured Teeth

Impacts to your mouth can result in fractures below the gum line, making the tooth prone to infections and other complications, compelling the dentist in North York, ON to recommend extractions for your benefit.

After undergoing the tooth extraction procedure in Toronto, you can request replacement solutions for the tooth. You may have to endure a toothless grin for a few days until the tooth socket heals, for you can have dentures, dental bridges, or implants to replace the missing tooth.

Tooth extractions are nothing to fear and are performed daily by many dentists. If you need tooth removal for a reason, please contact Vita Dentistry for the removal instead of enduring unnecessary complications with infected or impacted teeth in your mouth.

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