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Braces & Invisible aligners

This system can straighten your teeth instead of braces. If you are not happy with how your teeth look with wearing metal braces or you are worried about discomfort, Invisible trays can be your choice. The other benefit of this system maintains oral hygiene during the treatment period is much easier. This system works based on series of transparent trays specifically designed to correct every single tooth position in the dental arch. Please contact if you have more concern about braces or invisible trays. We can arrange a free consult for you.


Oral hygiene is a key to keep the mouth, gum and teeth healthy and this is complete by a regular cleaning appointment at least every 6 months. In this way, the hard access areas in the mouth are cleaned properly.  

The service includes:

  •  Examination of your gums diseases ( periodontal diseases).

  •  Polishing the teeth.

  •  Fluoride treatment.

  • Consultation to improve or maintain your teeth or gums health condition.



Canadian Dental Association recommends the kids have their first dental appointment 6 months after the first tooth eruption. education followed by early dental appointments is a key to have a good experience and fear-free from dentistry.


What are the benefits of early dental appointment:

* Parents can find out if they are doing proper brushing at home.

* the problems can be detected in time.

* Doing simple and protecting procedures like sealant ( protecting resin can seal tooth fissures) instead of more complicated, painful and costly treatment.

Your child deserves a great support system. our doctors and our team members are here to provide calm with quality preventive care.


Dental Implants

In terms of replacing missing teeth, Dental Implants come at the top of the list. This is not only because of its comfort and great support but also because of stability and long-lasting treatment.


Dental implants can replace to support single missing teeth to a full arch. The site of surgery should evaluate by x-rays, CBCT( 3D x-rays) to choose the right size of the implant.

In some cases when the length or width of bone is not enough, the area needs to bone graft in advance. The procedure divide into two-stage. Surgery to insert implant fixture can be done by local sedation. and the Prosthetic stage to fabricate the crown or bridge. It will take 4 to 7 months for the implants to get ready to be functional.

Please contact us if you have more questions about dental implants.


Dental Surgeries

Third molars are the last tooth erupts and mostly because of lack of space can be fully or partially impacted or erupt in an incorrect direction. This increases the risk of infection, damage to adjacent teeth or malpositioning of the other teeth.

 When the wisdom teeth become symptomatic like infection, swelling or pain full removing the tooth is recommended, however, sometimes removing the wisdom teeth will be performed to prevent some problems in future such as the risk of damage to the adjacent tooth, root resorption or crowding and crooked teeth. it needs to mention there are some researches are not supporting the link between wisdom teeth and tooth crowding. Early removal can prevent problems in future.


Please contact us if you need more information.



* Share your anxiety with us.

* Our dentists explain the procedure before doing it so you are not in an unknown    situation this is very helpful to control your anxiety.

* Any time on the chair give us a stop hand signal we are not regardless of your pain or problem.

* You can watch TV that is installed just in front of you.

* Bring your earphone and listen to the music if you have any dental noise stress.

* We suggest Nitrous Oxide( laughing gas) or minimal oral sedation in case of moderate stress.


Some gaging control tips:

* Trybrith through your nose ni through your mouth.

* Humming can control gagging.

* Through spay can control gagging.


Cosmetic Dentistry

At Vita Dentistry we can use a variety of techniques to give you the smile that you deserve. This can be done by the latest technique and material to restore seriously damage or discoloured teeth by crown and bride composite Venner,e-Max veneer if you are not happy about the shape, size or colour of your teeth.

Please contact us or schedule a free consultation appointment.Our dentist can determine which ones best meet your needs


Emergencies & root Canal

If you need an emergency appointment like:

* Toothache or root canal therapy.

* Tender, inflamed gum or infection,

* Any dental accident, tooth fracture, Knock out    teeth,

* Gum or lip injuries or deep cut

* Lost or broken filling, veneers, crown or    dentures,

     Just call us.

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