What Makes Root Canal Therapy Essential & What Are the Benefits?

What Makes Root Canal Therapy Essential & What Are the Benefits?

February 1, 2022

root canal therapy become necessary if you develop severe pain in your tooth while chewing or biting or have lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures even after removing the sensation. You may also create swollen or tender gums and notice deep decay or darkening of the gums. In addition, you may have a chipped or cracked tooth causing infection inside your tooth or an untreated cavity progressing to infect the soft center of the tooth, the dental pulp.

Aren’t Root Canal Treatments Painful?

Endodontic procedures help relieve the pain of toothaches emanating from infected or inflamed dental pulp. Modern techniques and anesthesia ensure you feel nothing when undergoing this endodontic treatment. Root canals are a surgical procedure to eradicate infection inside your tooth. After undergoing the treatment, you will experience some discomfort if you had pain before accepting your dentist’s suggestion to have the tooth treated and remove the infection. The pain you experience can be relieved with over-the-counter or prescription medications. You must heed your dentist’s near you advice carefully because the treated tooth may feel distinct from your other teeth for some time. However, if you experience severe pain or pressure which lasts for a few days, seek advice from the dentist to manage it.

Root Canal Treatment Explained

Root canal therapy in North York, Toronto, ON, completes root canal treatment in two visits using the following steps.

When you arrive for your appointment to undergo root canals, the specialist takes x-rays of your tooth before giving you anesthesia, as discussed during your consultation. After the affected tooth is entirely numb, the specialist isolates the tooth using a small protective sheet to keep it clean and free from saliva during the process.

The specialist makes an access hole in the crown of your tooth before using tiny pliable tools to clean the pulp from its chamber beside the root canals to shape the space for fillings.

After cleaning and shaping the space, the specialist fills the root canals with a bio-compatible rubber-like material called gutta-percha with adhesives to ensure comprehensive sealing of the root canal. Finally, you receive a temporary filling to close the opening in the crown, which your dentist removes when restoring your tooth.

After your final visit to North York specialist must revisit your dentist in North York, ON to have a dental crown or permanent filling placed on the tooth for protection and restore it to full functionality.

What Happens If You Refuse to Have Root Canals?

If you decide to refuse root canals, infection inside your tooth can spread to other parts of the body, causing life-threatening conditions. It is because the infection can enter your bloodstream and spread throughout your body, needing treatments from different medical professionals. Unless you have the infected dental pulp removed, the tooth remains painful and affects your neighboring teeth. Therefore if you need root canal treatments, you must accept your dentist’s suggestion to have the therapy as soon as possible instead of refusing it.

What to Expect after Endodontic Treatment?

Expect to experience some sensitivity for a few days after undergoing endodontic therapy. You may even have swelling or inflammation and notice an uneven bite or reactions to medications provided by the specialist. The signs usually diminish within a few days. However, if they are persistent, schedule an appointment with the specialist to evaluate the tooth.

Benefits of Root Canals

Root canals permit you to save your natural tooth and maintain a healthy and natural smile. If you refuse root canals, the only alternative available to relieve the tooth pain you experience is to extract the tooth and replace it with artificial teeth requiring additional treatments and procedures. Tooth placement solutions may even impact your neighboring teeth and supporting gums.

When you have root canal therapy to eradicate the infection inside your tooth, besides finding relief from the pain you experience, you also prevent the condition from spreading to your neighboring teeth to cause harm. In addition, the treatment also contains the need to receive treatments from different medical professionals eliminating the infection inside your tooth. Therefore if you have a diseased tooth, an excellent solution is to undergo root canal therapy in Toronto instead of enduring multiple difficulties and expenditures for different treatments.

If you need root canals, please do not hesitate to contact Vita Dentistry specialists in endodontic treatment to help you save your natural tooth and have a healthy smile.

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